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Igbo Landing 2005:

" Igbo landing 2005" has been tentatively scheduled to be held in Virginia, just before Labor Day, the last week of August, 2005. Please make arrangements to be part of this great symposium, conference, dedication and celebration.

Tentative date: Friday, 26th of August - Monday, 29th of August, 2005.


Presenters can choose from the following topics:

1) Igbo Shrines as compared to Yoruba, Edo, Christian, Moslem, … Shrines.

2) The Haitian Revolution (BWA KAYIMAN - Bia K’anyi Ma)

3) Igbo/Hebrew Connection : Language, …..

4) The Hebraic Journey - From Babylon to Timbukto

5) Ohacracy - The purest and oldest form of democracy.

6) Igbo as the first scientific language.

7) Nsibido - Igbo writing or writing of the ancients.

8) Igbo philosophy

9) Ofo na Ogu : Truth - Justice

10) Iwa Orji - Kola nut ceremony.

11) Nzu Ceremony (ita nzu, itu nzu, …)

12) Ikenga, Ikenga-Framework of Upright Achievement.

13) Igbo enwe gi eze - Igbo has no king but Chukwu (God).

14) The dispersion of Igbo in the New World.

15) The complexity of Chukwu as compared to God in the Christian or Allah in the Moslem sense.

16) Redrawing the Imposed Boundaries by Colonialists on Africa using an African Conception.

17) Any other en-compassing Igbo related topic.


Contact: Ekwe Nche Organization

               P. O. Box 1994

              Harvey, IL 60426

E-mail: ekwenche@hotmail.com

Phone # 773-206-9401

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