ofo ndi igbo of ekwenche research institute.new blue star for indiginous people.

Ekwenche an igbo research institute.

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new blue star for indiginous people.   ikenga ndi igbo

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Services - Igbo Spirituality, Living the Ancient Igbo Hebraic way.

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  • Igbo Spirituality  -Living the ancient Igbo Hebraic way, in glorification of Chukwu Okike - God the Creator of All, Chineke - God continues to Create, Ama Ama Amasi Amasi  - The Unknowable and Unfathomable One, Chi Ukwu - The Supreme Being, Chi Ka  - The Greatest or Supreme One, Yah Ka  - Thou art Supreme, Yah Nwe - Thou that Owns, Yah Nwe Uwa - Thou that Owns The Universe, the Mighty Yah! A way of life that is completely and totally based on truth  - Eziokwu bu Ndu (Truth is the foundation of Life).
  • Officiating in Weddings
  • Officiating in Naming Ceremony
  • Officiating in Rites of Passage
  • Officiating in Purifications
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Plays and Movie Productions
  • Research interpretation of modern day problems (both scientific and non scientific) through the ancient Igbo worldview or prism.
  • Workshops leadership, Igbo language, ancient Igbo philosophy, etc.

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