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Report Atrocities Commited to Your Loved One in Biafra Land.

Report  Atrocities  Commited to Your Loved One in Biafra land or elsewhere  in Nigeria by those who suppose to protect them. Especially since the current Pro-Biafran peaceful demonstration has been going on. In your email to Ekwenche.org, please include the victims name, their village, town, state and even their pictures. The Information you give us will enable us find a way to help the victims families.  Send all your information by email  to:  report@ekwenche.org


Mass grave of Peaceful IPOB protesters discovered in Aba

A shocking picture of what is termed a mass grave of massacred pro-Biafra agitators has been discovered near Aba, one of the hotbeds of youth protests demanding for the carving out of a separate state "BIAFRA" from Nigeria.

nigerian military invasion feb-2016 in ogoni-massacre.

nigerian military invasion feb-2016 in ogoni-massacre2

nigerian military invasion feb-2016 in ogoni-massacre1

mass grave of massared pro-biafrans at Aba on 2-9-2016.

         pro-biafran agitators critically injured at Aba on  2-9-2016  

brutality of pro biafrans by nigerian army


biafra-extraction-of-bullet-from-IPOB-protester in Biafra
Bullet extracted from unarmed peaceful pro-Biafra proteser at Aba  Biafra  Feb/9/2016

Biafran Child named Nnenna, Murdered in Aba by Nigerian Army while going or returning from school




Pro-Biafras killed at Aba  Feb/9/2016

biafran-woman-buchered, slaughtered by Nigerians

biafran child murdred.

  Biafrans burnt alive in Nigeria.
Biafrans burnt alive in Nigeria.


A 21years old Biafran Girl among those killed  and many arrested at Onitsha  by Nigerian army and police. A 21years old Biafran Girl among those killed  and many arrested at Onitsha  by Nigerian army and police.   biafra forcing us to be one nigeria is evil

In Biafra, Nigerian  Armies are killing  Biafran civilian daily

Unarmed Biafran protesters killed in nPort Harcurt

Some of the Unarmed Biafran Protesters killed at Port Harcourt by Nigerian security forces.

biafrans lynched to death
100s are lynched daily unreported, including IPOB. It is time to Free Biafra from genocidist Nigeria!


Memories of Monday's Horror in Biafra by 144th Army Batallion under the watch of Tyrant Buhari Lingers.






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