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Ohacracy What is Ohacracy?

Ohacracy - What is Ohacracy:  Oha, meaning the People in Igbo language, and cracy the system of ruling or governance that governs a particular set of people elsewhere.

Ohacracy is the progenitor of democratic system of government. Ohacracy is been practiced by the ancient people of Biafra especially in Igbo land.  Ohacracy can be defined as the purest system of governance designed by the people for the people.  Ohacracy a kind of republic which provides check and balances when fully established is able to tap the best person from its community to represent them at collective head._(Mazi L. Nnahiri; Ekwenche Research Institute)

Other system of Government include

Aristocracy; government by the minority of people who are wealthy and privileged to rule others.

Ethnocrcy;   A type of government where  representatives of a particular ethnic group hold high number of government post more than the other ethnic groups to the detriment of others and use their position to advance their particular ethnic group.

Theocracy; is a type of government by the clergy.  Government by people claiming to have divine power.

Totalitarian; Is also an Authoritarian type of government controlled by a Dictator having complete control of the government.

Kakistocracy;  Government by the worst men, government by the unprincipled citizens also by the unqualified.

Kratocracy; Governments by those who are strong enough to seize power through force undo process or cunning. And more like socialist state






      democracy and


       federation, totalitarianism  etc, etc.

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