ofo ndi igbo of ekwenche research institute.new blue star for indiginous people.

Ekwenche an igbo research institute.

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new blue star for indiginous people.   ikenga ndi igbo

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(Ekwe Nche is a none-profit organization donations are tax deductable)

There are many ways to support Ekwe Nche Research Institute/Organization in our work to bring about the renaissance of the Igbo nation worldwide, which will finally lead to the peaceful actualization of the Sovereign Independent Igbo Republic of Biafara.

By supporting our work, you will be playing a real part in:

  • Fulfilling one of the tenets of our fore-parents, Mara onwe gi know thy self, a very important commitment of Ekwe Nche, to especially our Igbo brethren in the New World, who were deliberately denied knowledge of their very rich heritage which is second to none;
  • Binging together the Igbo nation worldwide as prophesized in Isaiah 43:5-6.
  • Finally righting a great injustice that has led to the near extermination of the Igbo race in Igbo Land;
  • Making it possible for those who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against Ndi Igbo to have their day in court;
  • Bringing about the dedication and sanctification of all Igbo landing sites all over the world, especially in the New World, so that the spirits of our innocent dead might finally find rest;
  • Bring about the fulfillment of a very important goal, the commemoration of the first Ebo landing site by building a Sculpture and other Structures so that Igbo all over the world can finally gather from all over the world to pay homage to these our great brethren who chose freedom, even if it was death, to slavery;
  • Bring about the building of Igbo House in every city where there are Ndi Igbo, so that Ndi Igbo can finally begin to study and learn to be Igbo;
  • Bring about the Peaceful Actualization of the Sovereign Independent Igbo Nation of Biafara based on the culture, tradition and philosophy of our fore-parents.

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  • Annual Igbo Landing in a designated location (city).
  • Annual pilgrimage to Ebo Landing in St. Simons Island in Georgia.
  • Conferences and Seminars.
  • Workshops


  • Help staff our many Igbo houses
  • Help in our research work.


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