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 Why so much hatred against Biafran? one must wonder.    

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Why so much hatred against Biafran?

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Why so much hatred against Biafran? one must wonder...  by other two major ethnic groups in Nigeria?, each of these groups namely Hausa/fulani and Yoruba wants an extermination of the Biafrans way back since 1945 or later, even thou they have ruled Nigeria so long.  The amalgamation of these three major ethnic groups in 1914 by Lord Lugard was an experiment that will expire in 2014. Ever since, Nigeria occupation on Biafra has continued. In 1966-1970 there was a country called the Republic of Biafra.. REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA existed for only three years before she was dismantled by Nigeria in the process of genocide, massacre, and killings of children, women and all helpless Biafran. During that genocide and massacre  of the Biafran people, according to  one Nigerian Army officer named Brigadier Benjamin Adekunle, he said that,  "When our troops march into the centre of Ibo territory, we shoot at everything, even at things that do not move"  Foreign journalists  who came to  Nigeria to report the extermination of the Biafrans to the world were not given access to Biafran land. The journalists were not given access to visit Republic of Biafran  to see things for themselves...Again, for those journalists who managed to stay in Nigeria, had some interview with some Nigerian government officers concerning indigenous people of Biafra., below are some of the quotations we extracted in our research, and the quotes are verifiable.