Ojonma Ego Ndi Biafra, an Ancient Igbo Money

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Ojonma Ego Ndi Biafra, an Ancient Igbo Money.

Ojonma Ego Ndi Biafra, an Ancient Igbo Money

They are made something like an anchor according to Olauda Ikwuano, Ojonma was an Igbo Money as described by Olauda  that "As we live in a country where nature is prodigal of her favours, our wants are few and easily supplied; of course we have few manufactures. They consist for the most part of calicoes, earthern ware, ornaments, and instruments of war and husbandry. But these make no part of our commerce, the principal articles of which, as I have observed, are provisions. In such a state money is of little use; however we have some small pieces of coin, if I may call them such. They are made something like an anchor; but I do not remember either their value or denomination. We have also markets, at which I have been frequently with my mother. These are sometimes visited by stout mahogany-coloured men from the south west of us: we call them Oye-Eboe, which term signifies red men living at a distance. They generally bring us fire-arms, gunpowder, hats, beads, and dried fish.

The last we esteemed a great rarity, as our waters were only brooks and springs. These articles they barter with us for odoriferous woods and earth, and our salt of wood ashes. They always carry slaves through our land but the strictest account is exacted of their manner of procuring them before they are suffered to pass. Sometimes indeed we sold slaves to them, but they were only prisoners of war, or such among us as had been convicted of kidnapping, or adultery, and some other crimes, which we esteemed heinous. This practice of kidnapping induces me to think, that, notwithstanding all our strictness, their principal business among us was to trepan our people. I remember too they carried great sacks along with them, which not long after I had an opportunity of fatally seeing applied to that infamous purpose..."for more images of ancient/old biafran monies go here

Biafra map in 1710 and Ojonma Ego Ndi Biafra, an Ancient Igbo Money

The question now is, was Biafra existing before 1710? Remember before Western World came to West Africa, there was Biafra empire.  So, another question is did Cameroon got their independence before 1710 or after 1710? Biafra as an empire then, who occupied a very large area of West Africa land scape including Cameroon and to say now that Biafra was in Cameroon then, not in Nigeria is absolutly rubbish.

The point here is that before 1710 both Cameroon and Nigeria was engulfed by Biafra Empire. It was as a result of Balkanizations of Africa in 1885, when the Map of Africa was spread on the table at Burling which gave rise to these countries we have today in Africa, resulting in depleting the word BIAFRA from the World History Book and World Map.

  THEREFORE; TO claim that old maps show Biafra was actually in Cameroon and never part of Nigeria then is nonsense.