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Submission to

UN Human Rights Commission

Submission to the UN Human Rights Commission
Regarding a consistent pattern of violations and war crimes, genocide and holocaust
Violations of Article XIII, Resolution 3074 (XXVIII),
Resolution 2200A (XXI), Resolution 2200A (XXI), Resolution 36/55,
Resolution 1803 (XVII), Resolution 39/11, Resolution 41/128, Resolution 1514 (XV), Resolution 2200A (XXI), Resolution 53/144
Convention (No. 122), Convention (No. 168)

To: Centre for Human Rights

United Nations Office at Geneva

8 14 Avenue de la Paix

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Telephone Number (41 22) 917 9000


From: Coalition of Igbo and Biafra Organizations

c/ o Ekwe Nche Organization

P. O. Box 1994

Harvey, IL 60426

E-mail: ekwenche@hotmail.com

Phone # (773) 206 - 9401


Dr. Justin Akujieze (Member Committee on Genocide)




(1914 - 2004)

"Tanzania has recognized the State of Israel and will continue to do so because of its belief that every people must have some place in the world where they are not liable to be rejected by their fellow citizens. But the Biafrans have now suffered the same kind of rejection within their state that the Jews of Germany experienced. Fortunately they already had a homeland. They have retreated to it for their own protection, and for the same reason - after all other efforts had failed - they have declared it to be an independent state. In the light
of these circumstances, Tanzania feels obliged to recognize the setback to African unity, which has occurred. We therefore recognize the State of Biafra as an independent sovereign entity, and as a member of the community of nations. Only by this act of recognition can we remain true to our conviction that the purpose of society, and of all political organization, is the service of Man."

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